Parents realizing boyhood is under attack

By Charlie Butts/One News Now

Parents realizing boyhood is under attack

A Christian organization is helping boys face the many challenges of today’s climate.

Trail Life USA, the Christian counterpart to Boy Scouts USA, was formed after the Scouts began allowing girls, homosexuals, and those who identify as transgender to be Scout leaders. Mark Hancock, who heads Trail Life USA, tells OneNewsNow his organization continues to grow, adding more than 8,000 members in the last few months as parents and children discover the character, leadership, and the opportunities the faith-based group has to offer.

“I think that parents are beginning to recognize that in our culture today, boyhood is really under attack,” Hancock submits. “All the messages that they’re getting from the culture around confusion, around gender issues, toxic masculinity, [and] who it is that they are — it’s a tough time for boys growing up.”

He adds that other issues prompt the need for boys to grow up in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

“They’re twice as likely to be in special education, three times more likely to be declared ADHD,” Hancock lists. “They’re falling behind girls in every single academic category, [and] their suicide rates are going through the roof.” There is also the issue of drug abuse.

He says parents are discovering their sons’ need for an environment where they can be mentored by Christ-focused males who teach them life skills and enjoy outdoor activities.

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