2021 Prophecy Conference

Guest Speaker: Jeff Kinley

Join us for the 9th annual prophecy conference of Grace Bible Church!

Friday Nov. 12th – Sunday Nov. 14th

Jeff Kinley is the founding pastor of VintageNxt Church in Little Rock AR, Author/Speaker and President of Main Thing Ministries. Learn more at www.jeffkinley.com.

FRIDAY, NOV. 12TH,7:00 PM: Aftershocks-Christians Living in an Age of Global Crisis

SATURDAY, NOV. 13TH,7:00 PM: Antichrist-Satan’s Coming Man of Sin

SUNDAY, NOV. 14TH,9:00 AM: Q&A

SUNDAY, November 14th, 10:30 AM: The Rapture – Hoax, Hype, or Blessed Hope

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