Online Discipleship Class

Welcome to Grace Bible Church’s online discipleship class.  In this class, we are going through the book “The Survival Kit” written by Ralph W. Neighbour Jr. and Bill Latham.  If you do not have the book and want to purchase a copy to participate in this study, please call us at 859-737-4722.   Here you will find the list of videos for this class.  You can watch these videos on demand and at your convenience.  We will be adding more videos in the coming weeks to complete the study of this book.  You can also join the online discipleship class discussion group on Facebook to connect with others that are taking the class or to ask questions, share something the Lord has shown you in this study, etc.
If you have any technical difficulties, please let us know.

“The Survival Kit” Discipleship Video Study

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Have a Quiet Time
  3. How to Read Your Bible
  4. How to Pray
  5. Understanding What Has Happened to You
  6. A Basic Principle to Choose By
  7. What It Means To Be In The Body of Christ
  8. Fellowship With The Body of Christ
  9. Functioning in Love
  10. The Gifts of the Body
  11. The Body is a Building
  12. You Belong To Your Choice
  13. Controlled by the Indwelling Christ
  14. Make Christ King of Your Life
  15. No Reformation
  16. Victory Through Surrender
  17. Three Parts of One Event
  18. The Beginning Event
  19. The Continuing Process
  20. The Continuing Process Part 2
  21. The Final Event
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