The Quiet Spiritual Awakening In the US Government

A moral and spiritual awakening is taking place in the United States, and it’s being helped along by a group of ministers in Capitol Ministries who hold regular, bipartisan Bible studies with members of the U.S. government. Among the several weekly Bible studies in Washington is one attended by 11 out of 16 members of […]

‘Fastest-growing church’ has no buildings, no central leadership, and is mostly led by women

For the last few years, researchers have credited the underground church in Iran as the fastest-growing Christian church in the world. It has unique characteristics that defy comparison with churches in America and Europe, and in the opinion of some who know it well, the church in the West could learn by studying it. READ […]

Duke Student Government Refuses to Recognize Christian Club

The student government association at Duke University voted unanimously not to formally recognize Young Life, one of the nation’s most prominent Christian student organizations.Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council (FRC), pointed out the irony during an interview on The Todd Starnes Radio Show. Duke University was founded as a Methodist school. READ MORE

Tensions Escalate as Iran & US Claim ‘Acts of War’

US officials say that surveillance proof indicates that Iran was arming drones and missiles prior to the strike in Saudi Arabia last Saturday; Trump on military confrontation: But with all of that being said, we’d certainly like to avoid it; The White House to implement significant new sanctions on Iran; Pompeo: Strikes on Saudi oil […]